CE Certification tie rod ends on a car Products For Sale

Fitting Position:Rear Axle

Overall Length [mm]:134

Outer thread [mm]:M10X1,25

Thread Length [mm]:22


Product Description

How to choose tie rod end center products:

1.Material and strength:
Tie rod ends on a car are usually made of high-strength materials, such as high-strength steel or alloys. Make sure the selected product has sufficient strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance.

2. Precision and coordination:
The tie rod ends on a car needs to match accurately with other steering system components, so attention should be paid to its manufacturing accuracy and tolerance control.
Make sure that the installation dimensions, interface form and fitting clearance of the selected product meet the vehicle requirements to ensure the accuracy and reliability of installation.

3. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance:
Considering that the end center of the tie rod ends on a car may be affected by friction, corrosion and other factors in the working environment, products with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance should be selected, or products with special coatings or surface treatments should be selected.

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