China OEM left control arm car factory Pricelist

Car front lower control MOQ:1 PCS
Packing:Forward packing, neutral packing, client’s packing
Warranty: 2 years/80000km
Payment term: T/T, Paypal, Western Union


Product Description

The left control arm car is an important part of the car’s chassis system and is also called the swing arm. As a guide and force transmission element of the automobile suspension system, it transmits various forces acting on the wheels to the body while ensuring that the wheels move according to a certain trajectory. The left control arm elastically connects the wheel and the body through a ball joint or bushing to help maintain the stability and balance of the body.

In addition, the design and adjustment of the left control arm car can affect the geometric parameters of the wheel, such as front and rear tilt, front and rear swing, and wheel spacing, thereby changing the vehicle’s suspension characteristics and driving performance, providing better handling and comfort. The left control arm should have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life to ensure vehicle safety and stability.

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