High-Quality car stabilizer link factory Pricelist

Part Name: Stabilizer Link
Package Size: 22*5*6CM
Package Weight: 0.27KG
MOQ: 100pcs


Product Description

Description of car stabilizer link:
The car stabilizer link, also known as the balance bar, is an important part of the car suspension system and plays an anti-roll and stabilizing role. When the vehicle turns or drives on a bumpy road, since the wheels on both sides may bear different forces, the body will shift the center of gravity, causing the outside wheels to bear greater pressure than the inside wheels. At this time, the car stabilizer link can play a role in transmitting the force from the outside to the inside, keeping the force on both sides within a similar range, thereby effectively controlling the balance of the vehicle body.

Damage to the car stabilizer link can cause the vehicle to roll when turning, which is a relatively dangerous situation. Therefore, keeping the stabilizer link in good condition is crucial to ensuring the driving safety of your car.

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