High-Quality arm controller car Products For Sale

Warranty: 1 Year
Quality certification: ISO9001
Type: Brand New Type
Packing: According to customer’s requirments


Product Description

The structure of the arm controller car:
Arm controller car are usually divided into upper control arms and lower control arms. The main difference between them is the force they bear and the location where they are applied. The upper control arm is mainly responsible for stabilizing the vehicle body and preventing excessive tilt of the vehicle body; while the lower control arm is mainly responsible for bearing the vehicle’s gravity and braking torque.
In terms of arm controller car materials, aluminum swing arms are more expensive because of their high quality, while iron swing arms are relatively cheap.

Our optimization and innovation for arm controller car:
Methods to optimize the structure of the arm controller car include using new materials such as aluminum alloy to reduce product weight, using Parr-shaped structures to optimize structural solutions, improving the strength and performance of the workpiece body through structural advantages, and designing a symmetrical structure to achieve universal use of left and right parts. Thereby reducing product development costs.

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