China OEM left arm control car Suppliers Quotes

Warranty: 1 Year
Quality certification: ISO9001
Type: Brand New Type
Packing: According to customer’s requirments


Product Description

Description of left arm control car:
The left arm control car plays a vital role in the car. The following is a detailed explanation of the main applications of left arm control car:

Connection and force transmission: The left arm control car mainly connects the suspension and balance bar joints, so that the car suspension and balance bar can transmit force to ensure the normal driving of the car. When the car drives through different road bumps or holes on the left and right wheels, that is, when the levels of the left and right wheels are different, the steering ball head will play an anti-rolling role, inhibiting the rolling of the vehicle body and improving driving stability.

Auxiliary steering: The left arm control car is mainly used to assist the driver in reducing the force required to turn the steering wheel, making driving more comfortable. Especially when the vehicle speed is slow, such as parking, merging and overtaking, etc., the driver can quickly turn with one hand, which improves the convenience of operation.

Improve driving safety: The design of the left arm control car takes into account multi-angle rotation, allowing the steering mechanism to turn smoothly and reduce vibration, thereby improving driving safety and comfort. If the steering ball head is damaged, it may cause steering failure, steering wheel vibration and other problems, seriously affecting driving safety.

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