China OEM right control arm car Suppliers Quotes

Warranty: 1 Year
Quality certification: ISO9001
Type: Brand New Type
Packing: According to customer’s requirments


Product Description

How we improve the durability of right control arm cars:
1. High-quality material selection: Choose materials of right control arm carwith high strength, high corrosion resistance and good fatigue resistance.

2. Structural design optimization: By rationally designing the structure of the right control arm car, the stress concentration points are reduced and the uniform force bearing capacity of the overall structure is improved.

3. Adopt advanced manufacturing processes: Use advanced manufacturing processes of right control arm carsuch as precision casting, forging, and heat treatment to ensure the accuracy and quality of the control arm.

4. Surface treatment technology: Using surface treatment technologies such as spraying and electroplating, a protective film is formed on the surface of the right control arm car to prevent erosion by external corrosive substances.

5. Lubrication and maintenance: Lubricate and maintain the right control arm car regularly to ensure that the friction coefficient between components is at a low level and reduce wear.

6. Quality control and testing: Strict quality control is implemented during the manufacturing process to ensure that every right control arm car link meets quality standards.

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