China OEM car lower control arm bushing Products For Sale

Transport Package: Neutral/ Korop/Customized
Specification: 17cm*17cm*13.5cm
HS Code: 8708809000
Production Capacity: 20000 PCS/Month


Product Description

Feature of car lower control arm bushing:
1. Material characteristics: The car lower control arm bushing is usually composed of metal (such as steel or aluminum alloy) and rubber. The metal part is mainly used to provide sufficient structural strength and rigidity, while the rubber part plays the role of buffering and vibration reduction. This combination allows the bushings to withstand impacts from the road surface while also absorbing vibrations, improving ride comfort.
2. Structural design: The car lower control arm bushing usually adopts precise structural design to ensure that its connection with the control arm and the body is stable and reliable. It may include parts such as an inner sleeve, outer shell, and rubber padding that work together for optimal cushioning and support.
3. Elasticity and durability: The car lower control arm bushing needs to have a certain degree of elasticity to adapt to the driving needs of the vehicle under different road conditions. At the same time, it also needs to have excellent durability and be able to withstand long-term use without being prone to wear or aging.
4. Buffering and vibration-absorbing function: This is the most significant functional feature of the car lower control arm bushing . Through its internal rubber material, the bushing can effectively absorb and buffer the impact and vibration from the road surface, improving ride comfort and stability.
5. Support and positioning function: The front control arm bushing not only plays the role of buffering and damping, but is also responsible for supporting and positioning the control arm. It ensures that the control arms maintain the correct position and angle while driving, thereby maintaining vehicle stability and handling.

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