High-Quality upper control arm car factory Pricelist

Warranty: 1 Year
Quality certification: ISO9001
Type: Brand New Type
Packing: According to customer’s requirments


Product Description

Description of upper control arm car:
The upper control arm car plays the role of connecting the subframe and steering knuckle in the entire vehicle. As an important chassis structural part of the vehicle, it not only shoulders important performance indicators, but also needs to meet the layout space requirements of the vehicle.

The traditional upper control arm car structure uses sheet metal stamping parts, and the basin-shaped structure is realized through welding process. As vehicles become larger and larger, especially the recent rise of new energy vehicles, the weight of the vehicle is generally much greater than that of traditional fuel vehicles due to the weight of the battery. . The increase in vehicle weight has led to an increase in the strength and performance indicators of chassis structural parts. In order to meet performance requirements, the volume and weight of structural parts are also increasing.

Nowadays, people’s quality perception, quality requirements and performance requirements for cars are increasing day by day. The requirements for automotive products are also getting higher and higher. With the in-depth exploration of the concept of lightweight, car companies tend to choose new materials with greater weight advantages to meet upper control arm car design weight targets. Aluminum alloy materials for upper control arm carhave been rapidly developed and applied. The chassis is an important part of the vehicle. When designing products, it is not only necessary to consider upper control arm car safety but also take into account aesthetics and weight reduction indicators.

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