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Main materials of car ball jointl:
1.Steel: Steel is the most commonly used material for ball joint construction because of its excellent strength and wear resistance. In economy vehicles, steel steering ball joints are widely used due to their cost-effectiveness and reliability. The steel ball joint can withstand large moments and impacts and is suitable for various road conditions. The car ball joint price may be higher.

2.Alloy steel: In some high-end models, in order to further enhance the strength and wear resistance of the ball joint, manufacturers may use alloy steel as the material. Alloy steels are made by adding other metallic elements to the steel, such as chromium, nickel or molybdenum, to improve its performance. This gives the alloy steel ball joint a higher load-bearing capacity and a longer service life.The car ball joint price is commom for costumers.

3.Cast Iron: Cast iron is another material used to make steering ball joints. Although the strength and wear resistance of cast iron are slightly inferior to those of steel and alloy steel, its manufacturing cost is relatively low, so it is still used in some low-end vehicles.The car ball joint price is more cheaper.

4.Polymer materials: In recent years, with the advancement of materials science, some polymer materials have also begun to be used to manufacture steering ball joints. These materials have excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating properties, which can reduce friction and wear during ball head movement. In addition, polymer materials also have good shock-absorbing properties, which can reduce the impact of road impacts on vehicle suspension and steering systems.

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