High-Quality stabilizer link car parts factory Pricelist

Part Name: Stabilizer Link
Package Size: 22*5*6CM
Package Weight: 0.27KG
MOQ: 100pcs


Product Description

Functions of stabilizer link car parts
1. Improve vehicle stability of stabilizer link car parts
The stabilizer link car parts connecting rod increases the stiffness of the body and suspension system by connecting the front suspension and the body, thus improving the stability of the vehicle. During driving, it can offset the shaking and rolling of the vehicle body, making the vehicle more stable and balanced, and reducing the risk of the vehicle rolling over.
2. Improve vehicle handling
When cornering, the stabilizer link car parts connecting rod can make the support point of the front wheel more stable, improving the vehicle’s handling and steering performance. It can prevent the body from rolling and deflecting when cornering, maintain the normal driving trajectory of the vehicle, and improve driving safety.
3. Reduce vehicle vibration and noise
The stabilizer link car parts connecting rod also plays a role in reducing vehicle vibration and noise. It can effectively prevent the resonance of the body and suspension system, reduce the transmission of vibration and noise, thereby improving driving comfort.

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