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Warranty: 1 Year
Quality certification: ISO9001
Type: Brand New Type
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Product Description

Description of car rear control arm:
The rear control arm is one of the important components of the automobile chassis suspension system. Its comprehensive mechanical properties play a vital role in the safety, handling and stability of the vehicle. The main function of the car rear control arm is to connect the wheels and the body, and control the stability and comfort of the vehicle by adjusting the suspension system. It can transfer various forces acting on the wheels to the body while ensuring that the wheels move according to a certain trajectory.

The car rear control arm consists of an arm body, ball head, hanging lugs, bolts and nuts. The arm body is generally made of cast iron or aluminum alloy. The ball head is used to connect the control arm and the wheel bearing, the mounting ear is used to connect the control arm and the vehicle body chassis, and the bolts and nuts are used to fix the position of the control arm.

During driving, the wheels receive impact forces of varying sizes, but the car rear control arm can absorb and disperse these impact forces by changing the position and direction of the wheels, thereby ensuring the stability and comfort of the vehicle while driving.

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