CE Certification tie rod end carid Products For Sale

Fitting Position:Rear Axle

Overall Length [mm]:134

Outer thread [mm]:M10X1,25

Thread Length [mm]:22


Product Description

Description of tie rod end carid:
The tie rod end carid center, as an important part of the automobile steering system, is mainly used to connect the steering knuckle arm and the trapezoidal arm. It is not only the bottom edge of the steering ladder mechanism, but also a key component to ensure the correct movement of the front wheels. When the car is driving, the tie rod end center ensures that the front wheels can turn according to the driver’s intention through its precise mechanical connection, thereby achieving stable vehicle control.

The quality and performance of the tie rod end carid centers have an important impact on the overall handling and safety of the vehicle. A high-quality tie rod end carid center should have sufficient strength and toughness to withstand various forces and moments generated during steering. It should also have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance to ensure its long-term and stable working performance.

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