Car ball joint replacement always important for us

How Car ball joint replacement to be realized? When ball joint car parts wear and tear, we have to replace as well. Please pay attention according to points below:

  • Ball joints wear out over time and miles driven, showing symptoms like play, knocking, vibration.
  • Replacing worn ball joints prevents loss of suspension control and dangerous separation.
  • A mechanic will inspect for radial and axial play by prying on the joint while lifted.
  • Ball joints are replaced by detaching the control arm or steering knuckle.
  • The old unit is pressed out and the new ball joint pressed in using a hydraulic press.
  • The torque specifications must be followed when re-attaching the ball joint.
  • Both sides should be replaced together to prevent added wear on the good joint.
  • Old seals should be cleaned out and new grease applied during installation.