Control Arm Car Parts As Lower Model

Control arm car parts play important role for a car. FUERDE, a leading auto parts manufacturer and supplier, provides control arms such as lower control arm for customers. Not only we sale quality auto parts domestically, but we also export control arm to foreign market.

A control arm, also known as an A-arm or wishbone, is a crucial component of a vehicle’s suspension system.

Types of control arm:

  • Upper Control Arm: Vehicles with double-wishbone or multi-link suspension systems typically have upper control arms.
  • Lower Control Arm: Lower control arms connect the lower part of the wheel hub assembly to the vehicle’s body or subframe.

Components of control arms:

  • Metal Construction: Control arms are typically made of forged steel, cast iron, or aluminum alloy.
  • Bushings and Ball Joints: Control arms are equipped with bushings and ball joints for smooth movement and flexibility.