Ball joint function in car – Leading auto parts manufacturer tell you how?

Ball joint function in car? Let us read some key functions below:

  • Allow free rotation in all directions – Ball joints allow the suspension components they connect to move freely through a wide range of motion, providing needed flexibility for the suspension system.
  • Bear dynamic loads – Ball joints bear the constant bouncing and jouncing forces from the road surface, enabling smooth suspension movements.
  • Resist wear – The ball stud and bearing are made of hardened steel to resist frictional wear from movement over thousands of miles.
  • Transmit braking forces – Ball joints transfer braking torque from the steering knuckles to the suspension and vehicle body.
  • Carry vehicle weight – Ball joint of a car supports a portion of the vehicle’s weight and keep the wheels in optimal contact with the road.
  • Provide vibration damping – Ball joints help isolate some road vibration from reaching the steering components and cabin.