Front ball joint car play important role

What is front ball joint car? Actually, a front ball joint is a pivotal suspension component located at the front wheels of a vehicle.

  • Connect the front wheel hub/knuckle to the control arm or steering linkage.
  • Allow the front wheel to pivot when turning and moving up/down over road surfaces.
  • Contain a ball stud housed in a bearing which rotates inside a socket.
  • Enable smooth rotation in all directions for wheel positioning and steering.
  • Made of hardened steel and housed in a metal casing.
  • Contain lubricating grease that requires periodic replacement.
  • Absorb side loads from wheel impacts and cornering forces.
  • Wear over time from the friction and impact forces.
  • Must be tightly installed while still allowing free pivot motion.
  • Loose or worn joints cause vibration, play, and loss of steering control.
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