Car upper control arm – leading manufacturer provides lower price

The upper control arm is a key component in a vehicle’s suspension system. Now, let us read more about car upper control arm below:

  • Located connecting the wheel hub/knuckle to the frame near the top of the wheel well.
  • Pivots on rubber or solid bushings attached to the vehicle frame.
  • Contains ball joints on the knuckle end that attach to the steering linkage.
  • Provides lateral and vertical control of the wheel’s motion and positioning.
  • Manages forces from cornering, braking, impacts, etc.
  • Helps prevent excessive camber angle changes.
  • Allows the wheel and tire to move up and down freely and steer left/right.
  • Made of steel, aluminum or composite materials.
  • Comes in a variety of shapes/designs based on suspension type.
  • Undergoes wear at the bushings and ball joints over time.

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