Up Your Vehicle’s Suspension Game with New China Control Arms

May 30, 2023 | News

Your vehicle’s control arms play an essential role in the suspension by locating the wheel and tire. As control arms wear and degrade, vehicle handling and stability suffer. Upgrading to new China control arms is an affordable way to restore precise control and comfort.

China Aftermarket Control Arm

China control arm are manufactured to strict OEM tolerances and specifications using high strength steel and durable bushings. China control arms offer several benefits compared to expensive dealer and branded parts:

  • Similar or identical designs at a more affordable price
  • Replacements for discontinued or hard-to-find OEM control arms
  • Easy installation with no special tools or equipment required
  • Wide availability of styles to match your vehicle’s configuration

Control arms are available in different locations on most vehicles, including upper and lower control arms for the front and rear suspension. China manufacturers produce all common types:

  • Front and rear lower China control arms
  • Upper control arms for MacPherson strut suspensions
  • Single-piece and multi-piece control arms
  • With ball joints or bushings

Introduce About Lower Control Arm

Replacing worn control arms with new China versions restores your vehicle’s:

  • Handling stability – control arms keep the tire in proper alignment
  • Noise reduction – noise from worn bushings and ball joints is eliminated
  • Ride comfort – loose or degraded components impact the suspension feel
  • Responsiveness – new bushings compress and rebound more efficiently

Replacing a control arm is a moderately difficult DIY job. You’ll need to unbolt and remove the old arm, remove ball joints if present, and swap bushings. Most control arms come preassembled, so you mainly install the new arm in the reverse process. Aligning and torquing the replacement control arm properly back into position is critical.