How Much Does Ball Joint Replacement Cost? Ball Joint Replacement Guide

May 31, 2023 | News

Ball joints are crucial suspension parts that connect your vehicle’s steering knuckles to the control arms. When ball joints worn out and fail, it can lead to steering and handling issues. If your vehicle needs ball joint replacements, here is what you need to know about ball joint replacement cost and the process.

Ball Joint Replacement

The ball joint replacement process involves:

  • Removal of old ball joints – This usually requires compressing or cutting the joints if seized.
  • Inspection of control arms and tie rods – Look for cracks or damage that may require replacement.
  • Installation of new ball joints – This can involve pressing, heating or threading in the new joints.
  • Alignment check – An alignment is recommended after replacing ball joints to adjust toe and camber settings for optimum handling.
  • Road test – Drive the vehicle after replacement to check for noise or issues and make adjustments if needed.

Supplier Tell You How To Control Ball Joint Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace ball joints ranges from $300 to $1,200 depending on your vehicle, the extent of labor and parts needed. As leading China ball joint replacement cost supplier, we will tell you some of the factors that impact ball joint replacement cost include:

  • Vehicle type – Replacing ball joints on trucks and SUVs generally costs more due to their size.
  • Labor – Labor typically accounts for 50-60% of replacement costs. A basic ball joint replacement job takes between 2 to 6 hours depending on difficulty.
  • Parts – OEM ball joints tend to cost more but also last longer. Aftermarket parts can cost 30-50% less.
  • Number of ball joints – Replacing all 4 wheel ball joints usually offers the best ride and handling improvements and costs more.
  • Shop choice – Dealerships tend to charge the most and independent shops the least for parts and labor.