How To Choose Car Control Arms Of Different Materials

May 22, 2024 | News

The suspension system is an important component of modern automobiles, and the control arm is its guiding and force-transmitting component. The quality of cars is related to the safety of customers’ lives and property. As a China Control Arm suppliers, Forward provides high-quality car arm control productions to the world to help you produce safe and high-performance cars. You can contact us for product catalog and price list.

Among the models currently on the market, the materials of the lower swing arms are mainly divided into two categories: one is cast iron or steel lower swing arms, and the other is made of aluminum alloy materials. The former has a higher usage rate. Basically, most models use cast iron or steel lower swing arms. The main reason is that its cost is relatively low, which can better control the cost of the entire vehicle.

Iron control arm

1. The iron control arm has high strength and toughness and can withstand large pressure and impact force, ensuring the safe driving of the vehicle.

2. Wear resistance and impact resistance

Iron has good wear resistance and impact resistance, and can maintain a low wear rate and deformation rate during long-term use.

3. Strong carrying capacity

The iron control arm has a high load-bearing capacity and can meet the needs of vehicles under different load conditions.

4. Low cost

Compared with other materials such as aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, the price of iron materials is relatively low, which gives iron control arms a greater advantage in terms of cost.

Although iron control arms have many advantages in automobile suspension systems, they also have some disadvantages that cannot be ignored:

1. Heavy weight

The density of iron itself is relatively high, resulting in the relatively heavy weight of the iron control arm. A heavier control arm will increase the unsprung mass of the vehicle and affect the vehicle’s handling and acceleration performance. When driving at high speeds or making tight turns, heavier control arms may increase the burden on the suspension system and reduce the vehicle’s response speed and stability.

2. Poor thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of iron is relatively poor, and long-term high-temperature operation may cause the performance of the control arm to decrease, or even cause thermal deformation or cracks, affecting the safety and stability of the vehicle.

3. Louder noise and vibration

Compared with some lightweight materials such as aluminum alloys, iron is prone to produce greater noise and vibration when subjected to impact or vibration. This may reduce the ride comfort of the vehicle and potentially affect other components of the vehicle. Long-term vibration and shock may also accelerate the wear and aging of the control arm, shortening its service life.

Aluminum alloy swing arm

1. Lightweight and high strength: Aluminum alloy swing arms are lighter than traditional steel materials, which helps reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle and improve handling and acceleration performance. At the same time, aluminum alloy has high strength under the same weight, which can ensure that the swing arm maintains structural integrity and stability when sustaining various forces and impacts.

2. Good corrosion resistance: The aluminum alloy swing arm has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust or be eroded by environmental factors. It can still maintain the stability of its performance and appearance in harsh environments such as humidity, rain or salt spray.

3. Excellent shock absorption performance: The characteristics of aluminum alloy material make the swing arm perform well in absorbing and dispersing impacts, helping to improve riding comfort and control stability.

4. Good processing performance: Aluminum alloy is easy to process and form, and can produce swing arm parts with complex shapes and high precision to meet the needs of different models and suspension systems.


Higher cost: Compared with traditional steel materials, the manufacturing cost of aluminum alloy is higher, which may lead to a relatively higher price of aluminum alloy swing arms and increase the manufacturing cost of the vehicle.

High process requirements: Although aluminum alloy has good processing properties, in order to ensure the performance and accuracy of the swing arm, more advanced manufacturing processes and equipment need to be used. This increases the technical difficulty and cost investment in the manufacturing process.

Throughout the major well-known automobile manufacturers, iron and aluminum alloy control arms are widely used. In fact, the swing arm made of steel or cast iron can be used as long as it can meet the manufacturer’s calibration requirements for vehicle comfort and controllability. Forward provides you with auto parts of different materials and processes, welcome to contact us!