Ball joints:Support the movement of both tetrapods and vehicles

Sep 28, 2023 | News

Ball joints are mainly composed of spherical shaft heads, bearings, bearing seats, ferrules, end caps, rubber dust covers, etc. Usually,ball joints are installed in the suspension damping system of motor vehicles, connecting the control arm to the steering knuckle.

In a car, a ball joint is the spherical bearing that connects the control arm to the steering knuckle and is used in almost every car made. They resemble the ball-and-socket joints in most tetrapods.

If two ball joints are assembled on the control arm, free movement in three planes can be achieved. As the pivot of the wheel and suspension system in motor vehicles, it is usually installed on the front suspension to ensure that the structure can still rotate freely under stress.

Drivers should choose reliable ball joints for vehicles

Car ball joints,mainly provide multiple angles for car steering, thereby reducing car vibration and achieving smooth steering. Ball joints of bad quality can cause noise and even danger.

Damage to the car ball joint will generally have the following symptoms:

1. The car will make abnormal noises when driving on a rough road;

2. When the car is driving at low speed, you can clearly feel the shaking of the wheels;

3. The car will become unstable while driving, swaying from side to side, going off track, or even brake failure;

4. The ball head of the car is too large and can easily break during impact, which may also cause more serious accidents.

The wear degree of the ball head can be judged according to the following two situations. The specific method is:

1. Turn the car steering wheel and feel the wear of the ball head: the free rotation of the steering wheel is generally within 360 degrees. If it cannot reach this range, it means that the steering ball head has been worn to a certain extent.

2. Lift the car, let the car’s wheels leave the ground, and then drag the car tires up and down to check. If the tire can be dragged up and down easily, it means the ball head is large.

When the above situation occurs, the ball head should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid accidents while driving.

The replacement cycle of car ball joints is actually not fixed. When a ball joint becomes damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately. A good ball joint can extend the replacement cycle to a certain extent. Although the price is a bit higher, what about the cost of replacement? I’m sure you can figure this simple math problem out.Reliable China ball joint supplier like we Forward,China can be your good choice.


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