Upper And Lower Control Arms: Keeping Your Vehicle Stable And Secure

Jun 5, 2023 | News

The upper and lower control arms are key parts of your vehicle’s suspension system that work together to provide stability, absorbing shocks from the road while turning the wheels.

The upper control arm is located above the wheel and the lower control arm is below. They connect the wheel assembly to the vehicle’s frame using bushings or ball joints.

When driving, the upper and lower control arms work in tandem to guide your wheels and absorb the impacts of driving over bumps, potholes, and uneven terrain. They allow your wheels to move up and down and pivot sideways for turning.

The upper control arm typically uses a ball joint to connect to the steering knuckle which allows it to pivot freely for steering. The lower control arm uses either a ball joint or bushing to connect.

Both control arms are made of strong materials like hardened steel that can withstand years of stress and impact. The bushings inside the arms are made of rubber or polyurethane to absorb shock.

Key Functions Of The China Upper And Lower Control Arms:

• Steering – The upper control arm made by China Factory, connects to the steering knuckle and allows the wheel to turn for steering.
•Suspension – They suspend the wheel and provide vertical movement to absorb bumps in the road.
•Stability – The control arms keep the wheel aligned properly to provide stability while driving and turning.
•Caster and camber – Their position affects the caster and camber angle of the wheel for proper tire wear and handling.
•Toe adjustment – Together they determine the toe angle of the wheel for straight line tracking.

The Upper & Lower Control Arms Ensure Comfortable

The upper and lower control arms work together to ensure a comfortable ride by allowing your wheels to move in multiple directions while stabilizing them and absorbing shocks from the road. Regular inspection and timely replacement of worn parts helps maintain vehicle control and safety.