Suspension Arm Ball Joints – Essential Parts For Smooth Handling & Ride

Jun 2, 2023 | News

The suspension arm ball joints in your vehicle’s front and rear suspension help provide stability, comfort and precise steering and handling. Over time, ball joints wear out resulting in abnormal noise, vibration and loss of performance. Replacing worn suspension arm ball joints restores like-new ride and drive quality.

Suspension Arm Ball Joint

Ball joints in suspension arms act as pivoting connections between the suspension arms and the steering knuckle or axle shaft. Suspension arm ball joints allow:

  • Vertical movement – The wheel and suspension moves up and down over bumps.
  • Angular movement – The suspension arm turns as the wheel goes through its arc of movement.
  • Anti-rotate movement – Prevents the wheel from rotating freely.

When Suspension Arm Ball Joints Wear Out, Symptoms Include:

  • Clunking or knocking noises from the front end.
  • Increased steering effort and vibration, especially at low speeds.
  • Abnormal tire wear, often on the inside or outside edges.
  • Looseness, play or binding felt in the steering.

Replacing Worn Ball Joints Restores:

  • Smooth, quiet ride – Noise from failed ball joints is eliminated.
  • Precise steering – Ball joints provide the pivot point for wheel alignment and control.
  • Safety and stability – Properly functioning ball joints are critical for cornering forces.
  • Longer component life – Loose ball joints accelerate wear on tie rods, control arms and other parts.

Overivew About Vehicle’s Ball Joints

Ball joints in your vehicle’s suspension arms perform a vital job in providing proper wheel control. Regular inspection of ball joints for play, looseness and noise is recommended. Once replacement is needed, installing new OEM-quality suspension arm ball joints helps restore responsiveness, comfort and safety to your vehicle’s ride and handling.