Control Arm For Peugeot 54500-EW000


FED-20001 L/R


1 year



Place of Origin:

Jinjiang, Fujian, China

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Product Description

OE NO.: 4165001G, 4161001G
Reference NO.: 411679, SB13790, 271015, 0408077, 0420-CU, SB-7872, C1097LR, CBM-36, MI-BJ-7385, 0404136, SB-7232, MAB-106, CAB20003, C8171, N4235013
Position: LOWER
Warranty: 1 year, 1 year
Place of Origin: Jinjiang, Fujian, China
Car Model: For Peugeot
product name: Front suspension arm assembly (snap ring) (left and right)
model: FED-20001 L/R
place of origin: Jinjiang, Fujian, China
weight: 2.1KG
MOQ: 50
OEM: 4165001G 4161001G 54500-EW000 54500-ED000 54500-ED00A


China Auto Engine Parts Manufacturers Suspension Control Arm For Peugeot 54500-EW000
Control arms are part of the suspension system. They attach suspension members to the chassis and manage the motion of the wheels so that it synchronizes with that of the body of the car. They work with bushings, which are cylindrical linings that reduce friction and restrain the auto parts from going every which way.

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