Ball Joint Link Stabilizer For Toyota 48819-35020


HILUX VI Pickup (_N1_), HILUX V Pickup (_N_, KZN1_, VZN1_), ECHO Saloon (_P1_), YARIS (_P1_)


1 year



Place of Origin:

Jinjiang, Fujian, China

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Product Description

Model: HILUX VI Pickup (_N1_), HILUX V Pickup (_N_, KZN1_, VZN1_), ECHO Saloon (_P1_), YARIS (_P1_)
Year: 1997-2006, 1988-1999, 1999-2006, 1999-2005
OE NO.: 1014001670, 48819-35020, 48819-52010, 48819-26050, 48819-28020
Car Fitment: Toyota
Reference NO.: 81 92 8703, QF13D00330, 00670722, 391952K, ATLTO1077, SSL1029.11, 9605535, LS7206, CSL02068, MSS-8239, QF00U00072, 29.LB.274, JAPSI-239, TO4054, 106-02-250, 42983, J62037YMT, MSS-8250, T142044, 81 94 2983
Warranty: 1 year, 1 year
Place of Origin: Jinjiang, Fujian, China
Car Model: For Geely-King Kong (LG-1) (MK)
product name: Connecting rod ball head (with rubber sleeve)
model: FED-26005
place of origin: Jinjiang, Fujian, China
MOQ: 100
OEM: 1014001670 48819-35020 48819-52010 48819-26050 48819-28020


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