Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Suspension: Front Lower Control Arms and Rear Control Arms

Jan 8, 2024 | News

The control arms of your vehicle are crucial components that connect the wheels to the frame, playing a vital role in managing wheel movement to ensure an optimal ride, handling, and stability. Working together, the front lower control arm and rear control arms contribute to achieving these goals.

Front Lower Control Arm

The front lower control arm establishes a connection between the wheel assembly and the bottom of the vehicle’s frame on each side. It allows the wheel to move up and down when encountering bumps while providing stability during braking, steering, and cornering.

The lower arm is responsible for determining:

  • Camber angle: The angle at which the wheel tilts, ensuring proper tire wear and handling.
  • Toe angle: The alignment of the wheels side by side to maintain straight-line tracking.

If the lower arm deteriorates and loses alignment, it can lead to issues such as abnormal tire wear, poor handling, and vibrations.

Rear Control Arms

The rear control arms perform a similar function in rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles. They connect the rear axle or suspension to the frame, allowing for wheel movement to absorb shocks.

The rear arms are responsible for controlling:

  • Rear camber: The angle at which the rear wheels tilt, impacting stability and towing ability.
  • Rear toe: Proper alignment of the rear wheels is essential for smooth braking and stability.

When the rear control arms wear out, common problems may include rear tire wear issues, reduced brake performance, and compromised handling stability.

Methods to Inspect Control Arms

To ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle’s suspension, it is important to regularly inspect both the front lower control arm and rear control arms for the following:

  • Loose or worn bushings
  • Cracked arms
  • Loose or damaged joints
  • Alignment issues

Replacing Worn Control Arms Can Restore:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Shock absorption capabilities
  • Balance in tire wear
  • Steering and handling responsiveness
  • Suspension stability

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