Delivering Precision Handling with Durable Suspension Components

Dec 5, 2023 | News

As vehicles transport people and goods along life’s journeys, dependable steering and braking remain mission-critical. Leading manufacturer Forward-Autoparts Engineering develops premium control arm assemblies supporting safe and smooth transportation.

Lower Control Arm Design

Forward-Autoparts’s arms integrate engineered bushings and robust box-section construction to efficiently transmit suspension loads. Stamped pillow-ball joints steady movement without flexing or loosening.

Premium lower Control Arm Ball Joint

Machined from aircraft-grade steel, Forward-Autoparts joints surpass OEM designs with tighter tolerances and Corrosion-resistant zinc plating. Precision tolerance rings and dust boots seal out contaminants.

Lifelike Motion

Low-friction joint surfaces simulate natural suspension movements. Independent pendulum testing validates durability exceeds 150,000 miles in all conditions.

Enhanced Alignment

Replaceable control arm bushings and ball-joint cages suitably maintain caster and toe settings despite corrosion or impacts. Correct geometry preserves even tire wear.

Custom Prototyping

Forward-Autoparts collaborates with engineers globally to develop application-specific solutions meeting unique load, space or geometry constraints. Rigorous prototyping validates designs.

Global Support Network

Regional distribution across six continents provides responsive repairs, maintenance or emergency breakdown assistance. Technicians receive ongoing training certification.

Quality Assurance

State-of-the-art facilities feature environmental testing chambers and vehicle dynamometers. X-ray and magnetic particle inspections ensure all components flawlessly pass certification standards.

As vehicle infrastructure expands globally, Forward-Autoparts partners to develop mobility networks harnessing their dynamic suspension control solutions. Innovation, quality and lifetime support empower transport industries worldwide.