What is a car suspension control arm?

Nov 5, 2022 | News

The control arm acts as a guiding and force transmission component of the automobile suspension system. The various forces acting on the wheels are transmitted to the body. At the same time, ensure that the wheels move in a certain trajectory. The control arms connect the wheels and the body elastically through ball joints or bushings respectively.

The control arm (including the bushing and ball head connected to it) should have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life. The suspension system is the entire support system composed of springs and shock absorbers between the body and the tires. The function of the suspension system is to support the body and improve the feeling of riding. Different suspension settings will give the driver a different driving experience.

How to determine the damage of the control arm on the car?

The most intuitive feeling of the failure of the front suspension control arm is that you can hear abnormal sounds from the chassis. There are two main reasons:

  1. The rubber bushing of the control arm is loose or aged. Cause abnormal sound in direct contact with the control arm body metal. A control arm generally has two bushings.
  2. The ball head on the control arm is loose and produces an abnormal sound.

If the following symptoms occur, should be timely to the 4S shop or vehicle repair plant for professional maintenance:
Reduced handling and comfort; Reduced safety performance; Abnormal sound; Inaccurate positioning parameters, deviations and wear or damage to other parts (such as tire wear); Affected or even malfunctioning.

How long does it take to replace the suspension control arm?

The control arm should be determined according to wear conditions. Generally no problem does not need to be replaced, and the control arm is deformed or rusted. When the control arm is deformed, it will affect the wheel positioning data. And then affect the vehicle handling and stability under transport condition.

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